"Fun to create, fun to play!" - that's the aspiration we have for our games at Leda Entertainment. Hailing from a background of development since the mid '90s, we are a hobbyist group dedicated to writing smartphone games, with a passion for quirky puzzles and the video arcades that inspired us.

From our early days as Ledasoft Developments Inc, through to our current titles and future plans - it's all here on this site. So thanks for stopping by - we hope you enjoy your visit, and our games.


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Spotlight: Rummycomb


Match tokens by colour or by suit - or both - on Rummycomb's hexagonal grid.

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19/09/2016 by Ben

Arr! It's International Talk Like A Pirate Day - and to celebrate, we'd like to introduce our latest game: "Bullion - The Curse of the Cutthroat Cattle"!

A four player local multiplayer game of fighting, looting and bovine piracy (our cast is a crew of pirate bulls, expect lots of puns!), Bullion is a first for us in many ways: our first 3D game, first time targeting PC and/or console instead of mobile, first time using Unity, first time working with a new artist... we're just starting to move from concepts and prototypes to the first alpha version, and we're really excited with how things look so far!

Bullion has its own little site which can be found here: www.bullion-game.com, and you can follow its progress on the Bullion facebook page and twitter feed - there's also the Bullion development blog on which we will be taking a closer look at how things are going, so check that out too!

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day, everyone! Yarrrrr! Moooooo!

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